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Palette Knife Puzzles

Hey friends,

Today, I'm spilling the paint (metaphorically, of course) on my recent escapades into the world of trickier compositions with my palette knife painting.

As an artist, I've always been drawn to the challenge of trying something new and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. So I decided to throw a few artistic curveballs my way by tackling compositions that were, well, a bit trickier than my usual seascapes. (Don't get me wrong I LOVE seascapes and there will definitely be more of these to come) but attempting trickier compositions meant navigating uncharted waters, breaking away from the familiar and venturing into unexplored artistic territories, which was pretty exciting for me.

At first, It was hard and I doubted whether I could actually do it, but palette knife stroke by palette knife stroke, I began to see it all coming together. The trickier composition i was tackling meant not only strategic placement of colors but also an understanding of how texture and tone could enhance the overall feel of the piece and make it more visually appealing.

There were moments when the puzzle seemed unsolvable, strokes that went astray, and colors that clashed. But secretly thats what I love, pushing through those seemingly unsolvable moments and embracing the imperfections, learning from the mishaps, and turning challenges into triumphs!

As I explore more of these trickier compositions, I realize that every stroke is a lesson, every palette knife movement is a step towards mastering the puzzle. (Even if it feels impossible in the moment) It's a reminder that art isn't just about creating visually pleasing pieces, or pieces that you think people want to see, it's about pushing boundaries, taking risks, and reveling in the beauty of the unpredictable.

So here's to tricky compositions, enjoying the process and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone!

Have a great day everyone.

Amy x

Barbican Reflections

10" x 10"

Prints available in my Etsy shop

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