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Looking after our world.


As a nature lover I wanted to ensure that my packaging was kind to the environment. After all it is this beautiful world that inspires me to paint. Let's keep it that way!


All of my prints currently come packaged in a clear biodegradable sleeve, protecting both the environment and your print during transit. Even the stickers on the sleeve are compostable too! They are then popped into a hard-backed envelope made of recycled paper. 


All of my original paintings are packaged using recycled packaging where possible, if this isn't a possibility then I use paper bubble wrap to ensure your paintings arrive safely and securely and are protected during transit. Even the tape to secure the packaging is paper based. Pretty neat ey! 

I'm always looking for ways I can be even more friendly to the environment so if you have any ideas, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Thanks!

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