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10% of everything purchased through my website will be donated towards The Wave Project

The Wave Project use surf therapy to help young people improve their emotional and physical well-being. They also run beach school projects to help children feel more engaged in education

I want to support The Wave Project because I myself know how therapeutic being in the ocean is. For me getting in the sea really helps me when things are challenging or I'm feeling a bit down. My worries are left on the shore, and my perspective changes as soon as I'm in the ocean, I feel a weight lift from me, and I come back feeling relaxed, happy with a sense of accomplishment and ready to face whatever things come my way.  I think this is such an incredible charity supporting young people, giving them confidence to be truly themselves and empowering them to be the amazing person they were made to be.

If you would like to find more about this incredible charity please check out their website

Wave Project: Bio
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