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All you need to know.


All of my original paintings are available either unframed or framed, it will state in the description if the painting comes with a frame or not. Generally they come unframed. This leaves you the freedom to decide how you wish to frame your artwork to best suit your taste and decor in your home.

However if you would like your painting to be framed up, please purchase the painting and drop me a message, stating you would like it to be framed up so we can discuss your requirements. I use a local Framers, to get my paintings framed up professionally, so once you have contacted me I will get a quote from the framing shop, and pass that information on to you. 


All prints currently come unframed and unmounted, leaving you freedom to choose a frame/mount that suits your style and decor.

Any queries on this please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Framing : Welcome
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