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Journey behind the art

For me my art is all about connection, all of my paintings begin in a place, a place I've visited, a sea I've swam in, a sunset I've experienced. I connect so much with nature, it blows me away every time I experience it, I find it so hard to put into words how it makes me feel, I'm too overwhelmed by creations beauty, every time I experience another ever changing sunset sky or another stunning expanse of coastline, I can never quite find the words to express how truly breathtaking it is. My paintings help me to bridge that gap, it puts into paint what my words fail to express, each painting is an outpouring of gratitude for the stunning world we live in.

Where it all began

For me my painting journey began during lockdown 2020, on my daily exercise walk I would walk in my local woods, one day I felt this overwhelming urge to paint a view I walked every day. This painting became 'Lockdown Hope' it was like a light was switched on in me, I was hooked and felt like another part of me was alive, a part I never really knew existed. From then I began to paint, experimenting with acrylics, enjoying the process of trial and error, learning through experience and enjoying every part of that. I then began my journey with a palette knife, I loved the texture I could create, and the atmosphere it brought to each of my paintings. The freedom of being more loose and less particular with details, felt great and freeing to me.

I had found my calm place, a place I could just be, a place to switch off from all the noise of the day. Pure bliss.

The journey continues

I'm so excited to be able to share my art with people, It brings me so much joy to know I have brought some calm, peace or joy into someone's home through my art.

One of my clients once told me my artwork:

"brings a smile to her face every morning she sees it."

That really is something that I aspire to do with my art, and it makes my day to hear from my lovely collectors.

I also work with some lovely stockists:​

  • Greenspace in Plymouth, where I stock a selection of Framed prints and originals.

  • Homeframe in Plymouth, original art and a full selection of my prints.

  • Devon Valley Studio, Aune Valley, Loddiswell, Prints and cards.

  • Kaya Gallery, Original art.

  • Winstones, Yealmpton.  Originals and framed prints.

  • The Halfway House, Polbathic, Cornwall - Original art.

Behind the Art: Behind the Art
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